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    We look forward to making some revisions and achieving the perfect for us logo!!!

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    thank you for the logo - much appreciated for your efforts x

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    Excellent work!

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    Great, fast and professional!

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    great job thank you

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    Thank you for the logo

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    Thanks very much! You captured just what I needed from minimal description.

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    Good design!

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    Great work semvakbgt!!

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    Great work thanks

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    Thank you very much! I love that design. Hope to work with you again.

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    Wonderfully captured my intent. Thank you.

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  • Hickory Bench Playhouse

    A Variety Show Podcast of Live performances of the Hickory Bench Playhouse are evenings of great music and top flight entertainment set in a fun packed format reminiscent of the Golden Age of Radio.
    Each show takes you back to the days when families huddled around the radio listening to their favorite variety shows, adventure series, comedies, music, sports, news and weather. see at our website www.caferacermusic.com
    Looks great! Can't wait to try it out. Thank you!

    2016-01-29 09:36:09
  • Periwinkle Piano Studio

    At Periwinkle Piano Studio I offer private piano lessons, accompaniment for competition, and classical music for events such as weddings. Although I work primarily with the children I teach, their parents are the ones who will be influenced by my branding, so I'd like something more professional than kid-friendly. My catchphrase is "Inspiring a love of music that will last a lifetime!"
    All logo concepts were delievered within the hour. I ordered two concepts but Peacock sent seven, which enabled me to choose my favorite because I could see a few of the tiny changes that made my logo different. The changes could not have been difficult to do, but they were invaluable to me since I didn't have to buy one and pay $20 extra just to see more options. I really appreciated that Peacock just went ahead and sent them to me.

    2015-11-03 23:54:04
  • Vibe Fitness and Beauty

    Nutrition and Wellness Focus
    nice work. made updates as requested. thanks for the color #s

    2016-03-14 18:20:32
  • CMMC Vision 20/20

    Connally Memorial Medical Center is a hospital located in South, Texas in a city called Floresville. We are currently in the process of rolling out a new marketing campaign and would like to add a logo to go alongside our current logo and to be used interchangeably. We are NOT re-branding, just rolling out a new campaign. The idea behind Vision 2020 is a catch 22, the scope is that within the next 5 years we will be taking the hospital to a new level of care. Increasing technologies, physician recruitments, new buildings etc.... We know this is exactly what we want, we just need it to come alive.
    Our designer was absolutely amazing. Will definitely use y'all in the near future!

    2016-05-19 23:21:59