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    wongndeso read my initial description and paid attention to the rough sketch of what I had in my mind's eye for my logo. From the first design, wongndeso was on point. From there, it was a matter of tweaking the design until it was perfect. Awesome job! Thank you, wongndeso!

  • 5 concepts

    Really great work!

  • 8 concepts

    Outstanding design....thank you.

  • 2 concepts

    AWESOME JOB!! I am very happy with the finished product

  • 2 concepts

    Amazing work

  • 8 concepts

    Thanks for your assistance

  • 4 concepts


  • 5 concepts

    Great work. Loved the idea

  • 4 concepts

    Great Job! Would I still be able to get more designs from you if I would like another change? Thank you again.

  • 4 concepts

    very good job!

  • 5 concepts

    ABSS did a great job with minimal guidelines. I love the logo and can't wait to begin using it!

  • 9 concepts


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  • Branda Media

    This is the overall umbrella for all my projects. I am a social media consultant, film maker, videographer, and blogger. This is going to be the mother company for everything I produce.
    I had sent an angry email when you sent the 4rth design and it looked exactly like all the previous ones. I take back what i said as the other 4 were great. I just had ordered 3 and got 4 at that time so i wasnt expecting more.

    2016-01-15 21:08:31
  • HootOodle

    A unique social website. Having abundant information at your fingertips as well as an easy to use social platform to communicate with the world.
    Our new logo is perfect! Did an awesome job! Thank you for a wonderful design!!

    2015-06-10 11:17:40
  • Scherkenbach Makerspace

    We are a K-5 elementary school starting our Makerspace in a 35'x35' location on campus. Our Makerspace provides purpose driven skill-based opportunities for our students to create and make. Skill sets include sewing, art, app coding, building, etc. The space will also include opportunities to tinker with things such as broken electronics, simple machines, blocks, structures, etc. It will grow over time as needs and interests evolve.
    Thank you for the wonderful design! You were able to capture the overall "feel" of the modern, creative space while incorporating our school logo in a cohesive way. Happy to send you a picture of the logo once we get it in the space. :)))

    2015-07-03 03:13:34
  • BluePinkJellies

    BluePinkJellies is a new social website that will be launching soon worldwide.
    Created an awesome logo design for us. Very happy with the design work!!

    2015-05-16 22:54:35