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  • Gcreatives did an excellent job for us! Very responsive and generous with concepts and revisions. Thank you for such prompt service!
    Jeremy Enders

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  • Not Only Words Therapy

    We are a home health private agency that offers Speech, Occupational and Physical Therapy to children ages 3- 18. Our ideas include:
    1) interconnected Autism puzzle pieces with the initials (NOW), one in each piece, in a thought bubble with the words Not Only Words Therapy under.
    2) Some sort of interconnected design that includes the letters (NOW) with the name Not Only Words Therapy under.
    3) NOW in calligraphy type ( but not too fancy we want the letters to be noticeably letters and easily read) with some sort of tree under it... Like the letters are the leafy part....
    We do not like modern abstract design... We want it to be professional, but not too feminine...
    For the color scheme...we are looking for primary colors possibly...
    If you have any other ideas that would be good for us, we welcome your creativity. :)
    Thank you! We'll talk to you again in the future.

    2015-03-29 10:09:50
  • Jeremy Enders

    I am a real estate agent who list and sells homes. Soon will be adding team members to my business. I will continue to work under a brokerage company, so I want my logo to be more of a brand mark, not to include my name. Initials may be ok, but think I'd prefer some type of drawn image. It could include my initials but may not necessarily. My initials are JJE. If initials are part of the design JJE, E, or JE could be used. Colors- I am open to colors. My brokerage firm in black and red. You can see it here- www.benchmarkrealtytn.com
    I am in the Nashville TN area just north of town
    Gcreatives did an excellent job for us! Very responsive and generous with concepts and revisions. Thank you for such prompt service!
    Jeremy Enders

    2015-09-27 21:19:22
  • Operator Videos

    Operator Videos is a combat footage channel showcasing helmet cam video of special forces soldiers in combat.
    Excellent logo, fast response time. Very pleased with tinycreatives service!

    2015-04-17 12:55:26
  • Filewatcher

    WordPress maintenance, online backup, free blog and paid blogs
    Great logo! Good at the first time. Package is good and taken care off. Compliments!

    2015-05-16 22:20:43